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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you who are enjoying it this weekend! I hope you’re all having a romantic evening out on the town or cozied up at home, whichever you prefer. Mark is taking me to a dinner theater, and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never seen a play while eating before… What a novelty. 😉

I’ll share pictures and tidbits from the evening tomorrow, but until then… Congratulations to all the girlfriends who are joining the ranks of brides-to-be this weekend!! I’d love to see your shiny new rings! 😀

Finally, just a quick reminder of the current promotion I am running: All new 2010 brides who book my services this month will save $250… plus I’ll take free photos of your engagement ring… Yay!

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Wedding Planner: Consulting Services on a dime

Have you thought at all about hiring a wedding planner? Those in the biz will say that the biggest benefit of having a professional around is that she will basically pick up all the stress of planning your wedding, and put it on her own shoulders. How great is that?? I’m sure you’re already feeling the strain of picking out the perfect dress/shoes/venue/caterer… the list goes on… and you may have only recently become engaged! Imagine what it’s like for the last few weeks when everything comes together. Not to imagine all the stress that budgets may bring.

Planners will manage your budget, your planning timeline, and your vendors. They have relationships with vendors that may bring you savings, and they know which companies bring consistent reliable results. They help you realize your own ideas and they add suggestions to polish them. They keep things moving on your wedding day and deal with any issues that arise (and they *may* – that’s experience talking). They are your best advocate, particularly on your wedding day when you would rather relax and enjoy the occasion!

Now… you think having a wedding planner might not be in the budget? Consider this… Sumer Schmitt of Simply Perfect Weddings may have just what you are looking for! She is now offering 1 on 1 consulting services for clients who are interested in a one-time brain-picking sit-down session. That means you can get the guidance and even some vendor discounts at a fraction of the normal cost of hiring a planner! For the month of February, the rate is only $150 for 1 hour with Sumer + goodie bag. Plus you get a $100 credit toward other packages with Sumer. Check out her blog post for more info. Great deal!!

So meet Sumer, wedding planner extraordinaire. 😉 I’ve worked with her on several occasions and have found her to be extremely personable, responsive, and incredibly dedicated to the details. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to all brides.

Sumer pittsburgh wedding planner simply perfect weddings

Happy planning! 😀

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fabric wedding flowers

I’m a DIY-er at heart, so when I started brainstorming ways to personalize my own wedding, I decided a wonderfully creative way to add my special touch would be to make my own flowers! Over the past week or two I’ve been playing with different concepts, with scraps of fabric and thread I have around the house. What do you think of some of the styles below? Obviously they’re not finished and they’re not in the right fabrics/colors, but you can get a feel for the different options I’m playing with. I’ll also be adding in beads and crystals to finish some of these off. Right now I’m leaning toward the style in the last two photos (sans the button). The last one can be wrapped a lot tighter, too, to look like a rosebud. What are your thoughts??

making flowers with fabric

making flowers with fabric

making flowers with fabric

making flowers with fabric

(Forgot to mention that the main flower in the first pic is also the flower in the third pic. I’ll probably add tulle in to that one.)

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Anybody hear about a little snowstorm this weekend in Pittsburgh? 😉 Now that my power’s back on, I thought I’d share a couple shots I took on Saturday… starting with my fiance Mark in front of the house…

…and the back porch…

And then Mark took a whole series of me. I think I like this one the best…

Once I was done shoveling, I went for a quick walk while Mark finished up. And found a winter wonderland in the alley by our place!

That guy in the background was watching me take pictures. I’m not so sure he was excited I took one of him 😉

As I walked back, I passed our neighbor attempting to get home after being stranded at work all night (in the pic above where she’s driving the final leg down our street). It took her hours to travel a route that normally takes 10 minutes, and she had to stop and shovel her car out, periodically along the way!

Later that afternoon since the power wasn’t on yet, we decided to walk to Kuhn’s for some groceries. Look at how beautiful the light was!

(how handsome is Mark!!) I detoured us down to my winter wonderland to see how the sun was treating it…

Answer: It was GORGEOUS!!

There were a LOT of people walking around downtown, a surprising number really. The shoveled part of the sidewalk was wide enough for only 1 to cross so periodically we had to jump in the snow piles to let someone else through. I have to admit I really appreciated the community feel, though. Everybody was so friendly and alert!

On the way home, we had to walk in the street because some folks hadn’t shoveled their walkways yet… so we stuck to the main roads…

And what more romantic way to spend a freezing cold night than cuddled up in front of the fireplace, playing scrabble!! 😀

I hope everybody is staying warm and safe!!


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Love this!!

I think Ellen is hilarious. Granted, I find a lot of things funny- I’m not much afraid of laughing. 😉 But Ellen, she’s fall over, wet-your-pants, tears coming out of your eyes funny!! Anyway I found this spot from the show which cracked me up, and I thought I’d share. Maybe I could use a new chair in my office… can you picture me processing pictures in this thing???

I hope you’re all keeping warm! 😀

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