Lea and Bill

Lea and Bill are a bright, lively couple that I met in a Bellevue pizza shop this summer. After our fun afternoon engagement shoot in Riverview Park this July, I was looking forward to shooting their wedding for them on August 30! It was a beautiful morning ceremony in Phipps Conservatory‘s Broderie Room, with an intimate reception afterward at Fat Head’s Saloon in the South Side. It was the first wedding reception ever held there! The restaurant is Bill’s favorite and the couple loves the atmosphere there. Since they were looking for a relaxing environment with good food, Fat Head’s was perfect.

Bill and Lea Bickerton - August 30

I’ve completely finished processing their photos, and have uploaded a selection of the images below. Enjoy!

First a little note from Lea… “The wedding planning was a joint effort.  Since we only had 6 weeks to get everything done, it was important for us to work together on it.  Overall, we wanted to have a wedding that captured our individuality and our feelings for each other.  We both feel blessed that we found each other and are equally amazed that the other person loves us so much.  We are also, not weird per se, but unique.  So the wedding had to be just as unique as we are!”

It was a truly beautiful occasion, all the more personal for their careful attention to details.

The elegant floral arrangements were done by Lea herself! She ordered the flowers from GrowersBox.com and pulled together the stems with a beautiful organic ribbon.

Lea did a wonderful job with her own hair and makeup, although she chose to get her nails done by the Elizabeth Arden Salon downtown.

Her fabulous shoes are compliments of every girl’s favorite shoe store, DSW!

A fantastic way to work the budget, is to wear beautiful jewelry that we already own. Lea took advantage of some previous shopping she’d done at Macy’s downtown, with her earrings and necklace that she wore. The earrings above are displayed on a beautiful pewter mirror that she brought to get ready with.

Bill and Lea’s careful planning even applied to their wedding day timeline… we arrived at Phipps Conservatory with time to spare!

The bridesmaids wore gowns from David’s Bridal… Since David’s has stores all over the country, it’s a great option for weddings like Lea’s when your girls are coming in from out of town.

What a radiant bride!

Reverend Mark DeNuzzio conducted a simple poignant ceremony, just what the couple wanted. And isn’t the conservatory’s Broderie Room beautiful??

(Although a bit warm.) Somehow the fans always seem to be pointing at somebody else! 😉

We kept the formal photos simple, warm, and natural.

Always a good idea to bring along some Tide to Go. 😉 And now it’s time to get to the party at Fat Head’s!

The newlyweds arrived once the guests were seated, and pulled each other directly into their first dance. Since there were restrictions on music volume, Lea and Bill danced quietly and intimately, enveloped in each other, while their closest friends and family looked on. The song was “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, Bill’s favorite musician.  As Lea says, “The lyrics are really sweet and quirky, which is how many people describe the both of us.  This song really does put our relationship to words.”

Lea and Bill decorated glass photoframe coasters for their guests, as both favors and placecards. The coasters were purchased from theweddingchannel.com.

Lea also designed the centerpieces, filling hurricane vases with sand, jewels, and pillar candles. The tables were also decorated with ribboned champagne glasses filled with party mints.

The newlyweds printed their own invitations, using quality cardstock paper ordered from LCIPaper. What a great way to personalize! Their beautiful wedding bands were ordered from Sea of Diamonds. Apparently Bill’s a commercial-watcher, because for the engagement ring, “he went to Jared.”

Toasts are always good for a laugh!

Those heels get uncomfortable after a while! 😀

The cake was actually three separate confections displayed on varying levels of the Wilton Floating Tiers. Lea fancied up the tiers a bit with raffia, a fall beaded garland from Michaels, and tissue paper.

And then the kids enjoyed their own little cupcakes. What a sweetie!



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2 responses to “Lea and Bill

  1. SO VERY COOL!!!! Beautiful pics! Can’t wait to see the rest!

    ~Talley MacIntosh
    West Palm Beach, FL

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